The remarkable story of Joe Biden’s DHS pick Alejandro Mayorkas

People Joe Biden puts in his cabinet are important for the experience they bring, but also for the bridges they build to unite our country.

Alejandro Mayorkas, with his appointment as Secretary of Homeland Security, is a successful lawyer and representative of a Cuban community specifically that often is seen underserved by the Democratic party. He represents a segment of the Jewish community called Sephardi…..and he then adds himself to a list of American Sephardi that have served our country from our earliest colonial days. Sephardic Jewish colonists like Mordecai Sheftall (Georgia) and Francis Salvador (South Carolina) were incredibly active in our early legislative activities. Research can be found on them and others when you do a search on Sephardic Jewish Colonists.


Most people know of the history of the Sephardic Jewish community of North America with its’ beginning with the founding of Congregation Shearith Israel in New Amsterdam in September 1654. The pride felt by the Cuban and overall Sephardic community for the selection of Alejandro Mayorkas will be celebrated with his confirmation shortly.

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