The real story of the Georgia state flag in the midst of the voting rights debacle

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Sometimes, being an ex-pat has a downside. One can lose touch of some details. This point was driven home by the manner in which Georgia has taken the lead in obdurate, obstinate and willful racism by ramming through SB202, undermining the Constitution and suppressing the voting rights of Americans in a most pernicious and cowardly way.

To be honest, such action is to be expected from Georgia. More’s the pity, but this leads to a detail which had caused some bit of confusion when the flag of the state of Georgia was presented here at the Palmer Report and at other sites relaying the unsurprising news that a former Confederate state, which had been on the targets of the Voting Rights Act, had reverted to their Jim Crow ways and determined in a most self-serving and racist fashion that people of color should not be afforded even the slightest convenience when exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed suffrage.

Not even water…

Truly despicable and completely to be expected from the former Slave State.

However, it was the use of the state flag of Georgia to headline articles on Georgia’s perfidy which gave pause. The flag itself was the cause of a brief discombobulation. It didn’t look right. To be more precise, it didn’t look familiar.

Then came the recollection that Georgia had changed its state flag. Until 2001, the flag state flag of Georgia had featured two-thirds the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy. The new, fourth flag of Georgia came into being in 2003.

It took until 2003 for the state of Georgia to remove the battle flag of the seditious Confederate States of America from its own state flag. Think about that. Georgia and much of the American south refuse to accept the truth. Brings the ‘Big Lie’ into perspective.

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