The real reason Senate Republicans are still stalling on confirming Attorney General Merrick Garland

If Merrick Garland had been confirmed to the Supreme Court, he wouldn’t even be in contention for the top spot at DOJ as the US Attorney General. That wasn’t to be and now the GOP faces his appointment and has tried delaying tactics that will fail.

Now that the committee chairmanships in the Senate have changed, Merrick Garland will be confirmed with a simple majority; the question is what is behind the delay tactic that Republicans knew would ultimately fail.

As events on January 6, 2021 become clearer, no one knows who have had connections to the insurrectionists hoping to cause death and destruction to Senators and Congresspeople. Police work continues and surprising connections come forth – whether reports that Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a supporter of the rally are proven correct or it is some other Republicans that had a hand in it – are uncomfortable.

How heavily she endorsed the rally is unclear; she was an ardent supporter of Trump. She and the Justice were close friends to Trump. Are the Republicans worried that with Merrick Garland heading up the DOJ, investigations may lead to uncovering details that they would rather not be public? Those investigations will continue regardless.

Maybe enough details will surface to cause a Justice to retire and leave a vacancy. All actions have consequences and the lack of action in confirming Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court also has consequences.

If there is a pursuit of Ginni Thomas or other GOP leaders – it won’t be as retribution for the seat Merrick Garland did not get….it will be because there is a case to be made. Actions have consequences. It shouldn’t matter who you are or to whom you are married.