The numbers are in on Trump’s removal from Twitter

The Washington Post recently indicated a massive drop in misinformation on Social Media since the termination of Donald Trumps social media accounts. According to research firm Zignal Labs the number of tweets discussing election fraud after his account loss dropped 73%.

But did one man post 73% of all misinformation? No. What dropped was tweets discussing election fraud, not Trump tweets. We need to know how Twitter works to harness its power; as it stands Democrats (you, me, all of us) are responsible for a large part of disseminating misinformation. How? Easy.

When you “LIKE” tweets, you give them relevance. When you “SHARE” tweets, you give them heightened relevance. When you “COMMENT” on tweets, you give them yet more relevance.
When you “SHARE and COMMENT” you commit the ultimate in moving info up the ladder.

The worst news agencies base success on pissing you off to get a reaction, and when you give them one, they make more lures just like those that worked before, including Trump coverage. Eyeballs sell ads and any reaction is proof of eyeballs.

That’s it. That’s how it works. If it gets no reaction it gets no repeat.
Algorithm doesn’t care why you commented, shared or liked; it just knows you did. Republicans play this game well; they use us to get their word out.
Bonus for the bad guys? It keeps anything the Democrats have to say well buried too.
It’s tempting to react, but the way to keep Republicans out of the news cycle is never share or answer to any GOP crap that news agencies post. Because of that 73% in misinformation, we were responsible for disseminating a shameful portion of it.
The only ineffective tweet is an ignored one.

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