The next big step is clear

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With plenty of senate seats up for grabs in 2022 and some Republicans announcing retirement, Democrats have a good feeling about the potential outcome. Stop right there……what Democrats really need long before that Election Day is good results from the policies coming from the Biden administration and good Democratic candidates running in key races.

The problem is that good results from some Biden policies will not show huge dividends quickly, especially in terms of new job creation, which is desperately needed. Believing that climate change initiatives will result in job formation, still takes years for that to reach the people who need them.

Emotional issues will drive action at the polls. Better results in dealing with Covid-19 is the emotional issue of the day. Turning the death toll trajectory downward; making sure that vaccinations reach as many as possible in the hardest hit communities, which happen to be black and brown, as well as development of better treatments if someone contracts it. Getting people back to normal living is key.

Now the elephant in the room – Women’s Reproductive Rights – because it is. Women make up 51.1% of the population, yet 58.3% of the civilian work force. Making sure women control decisions made about their health and not government nor employers, is crucial. It isn’t just abortion, it is all aspects of reproductive health decisions including preventing pregnancies. This isn’t about right or wrong because if someone believes it is wrong to have an abortion – they won’t. It is about the RIGHT to choose what’s best for them at the time. This is about making sure we don’t return to the 1950’s for women’s healthcare and its’ impact on a large part of the workforce. Too many ‘old white men’ yearn for those days. Do the work now, for success later.

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