The Myth of the Lost Cause

‘The Myth of the Lost Cause’; if you don’t know of it or are unsure of its meaning, do Google it and find out more. There’s an excellent book of that name which is quite informative.

To summarize, ‘The Myth of Lost Cause’ is the set of fairy tales which are used altogether to glorify and rationalize the American Civil War and the defeat of the slave states, the Confederates States of America.

This is mentioned not to plug a book but to provide necessary background to the atrocious, egregious event which we witnessed in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, on July 4th.

On that red-letter day, about 200 members of a white nationalist group, the ‘Patriot Front’ (sic), unfurled American flags and dressed in de facto ‘brown-shirt’ uniforms and marched, chanting that the 2020 election was stolen from the fair-haired Fascist, Donald J. Trump.

As may be recalled, this is the same hateful bunch that marched in Charlottesville, West Virginia, in 2017, where the ‘Unite the Right’ riot was staged, whom Trump called ‘very fine people’ and where Heather Heyer was mowed down. Notably, the event was organized to protest the proposed removal of a statue memorializing that great traitor and slave-owner, Robert E. Lee.

(The mayor of Charlottesville, the public safety secretary, the state attorney general and the FBI director called the attack an ‘act of domestic terrorism’.)

Now, the khaki-clad racists are back (sans tiki-torches) to parade and preach their perverse white supremacist view on the day of national celebration, Independence Day.

The irony and hypocrisy are palpable and cannot be adequately examined here. However, that Lee, a monstrous traitor to the American Republic was so earnestly and violently defended by white nationalists, who are, themselves, dedicated to that ugly notion of a segregated humanity and who so vociferously support the Big Lie, brings us back to the ‘Lost Cause’.

The members of the ‘Patriot Front’ are undeniable proponents of the ideology that brought about the sedition, treason and revolt by the slave states. They adhere to the ‘Myth’; the gigantic, multi-layered lie that the CSA fought for a Noble Cause. Now, they march in the streets of Philadelphia.

It must be noted that the foundation of their support for the ‘Big Lie’ is their reverence for the ‘Lost Cause’ of white supremacy and the enslavement of people they deem ‘sub-human.’ If your stomach is not turned by those sentiments, then you must reconsider your position on race, enslavement and the tenets of the Constitution.

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