The MyPillow guy is rapidly losing everything

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, has had a terrible time of it lately. Lindell’s continuing support for Donald Trump has put his whole business in jeopardy. Last week, Lindell was permanently banned from Twitter. Apparently, he was not too pleased.

Although his personal account was banned, the corporate account for MyPillow still remained. Then that all changed as well. Since he had no access to his personal account, Mr. Lindell thought it might be a good idea to tweet from his business account. So he did just that….and called for the jailing of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

His exact tweet was: “Jack will be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed.” If one is trying to maintain one’s professional website on Twitter, calling for the jailing of their CEO might not be the best idea.

But Lindell was still a man with a plan! He went on Newsmax to talk about the situation and, well, let’s just say it didn’t go well. Lindell wound up losing it and shouting incoherently about voter fraud which is not what he was booked to speak about. So, after repeated attempts to calm him, Newsmax had to cut him off. One knows it’s bad when one is is too creepy for the creepiest of the conspiracy stations.

Now MyPillow is not on Twitter at all, which is not good news for any company. And retailers such as Kohl’s and Wayfair have dropped him. We expect there will be more to come. So, Lindell’s support for a man who doesn’t care about anybody, is costing him his professional career. Maybe he should get back to basics and forget about Trump. But knowing his self destructive ways, that might not happen anytime soon.

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