The media just couldn’t behave itself during President Biden’s press conference

For weeks the media went on and on about how President Biden would not give a press conference. Now he did give a press conference. And he spoke eloquently and with empathy and kindness.

And all the media seemed to focus on was the “crisis” at the border. One of the questions included when the press would have full access to all the migrant children to show the American people their condition. I translated that in my mind to “when will we have access to the children to show them to the American people to create yet another false narrative about you, Mr. President?”

I find it smarmy and a real letdown that this is their primary focus. There are so many issues to talk about. I’m not saying none of those issues have come up but not anywhere near as much as they should have.

For me, I felt that much of this press conference was one big gotcha session. I was pleased that gun violence and voting rights were brought up. The negativity of the media was corrosive and on full display. And what the heck was that question about are you going to run in 2024?

To sum up, it was a disappointing press conference, but that has nothing to do with Biden. The unending yearning of the Press to start arguments and stir up drama reminds me of a bunch of kids in high school.

If I were Biden, I’m not so sure I’d do another press conference so quickly. My advice to Biden is to sit down with Rachel Maddow. She can get the American people more answers in five minutes than the press did in this whole sham of a press conference.

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