The end of the line for Trump

Imagine skating through your whole life without ever having to face the consequences for any transgression or blunder. Daddy was always there to bail you out. Or maybe Russian oligarchs. Or Deutsche Bank. You could weave a web of lies and deceit and pull the wool over the eyes of an adoring media or misguided political supporters.

Twice you were caught undermining the Constitution and betraying your oath of office, but your Republican collaborators in the Senate let you off each time – the last one involving the worst betrayal by a President of his oath of office, according to a Republican House leader. You might think you were immune from ever facing the music. You even bragged you could commit murder in broad daylight and not lose a single supporter.

You thought you had it made, gamed the system for good, breezed straight through while only losers worried about getting caught and punished. If you’ve come this far, tempting fate more and more each day and never suffered any punishment, surely you could pull it off again in the future, right?

But then your Hail Mary to the Supreme Court didn’t connect. They turned you down, despite the fact that Mitch McConnell helped you pack the Court; you appointed one third of all the Justices. Yet they said no dice. What you’d spent a lifetime hiding – your taxes – would have to be turned over to the prosecutors.


And there’s nothing you can do, no games you can play, no delays you can stretch out, no more roadblocks you can throw in front of the prosecutors – because they didn’t subpoena the taxes from you. They subpoenaed your accountants, who said they’d comply with a court order. And then you heard. The prosecutors now have your taxes. You are screwed.

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