The clock is ticking on this one

I am hoping that there are quite a few people from the glorious state of Virginia reading this. The reason for that is because Virginia has an election coming up soon. Terry McAuliffe is running for Virginia Governor. And he’s ahead. But this election needs to be a blow-out. The outcome for Terry must be a significant lead.

I will get into what we can do, but a quick word. My computer software is not quite working and I apologize if there are spelling errors. Right now, I am using equipment that makes editing a bit tricky. It should be resolved soon.

To help with the Virginia election, can you make a list? Think who you know there that may have good design skills. Ask them to whip up a bunch of fliers, and post them in popular places.

Do you know some Virginians who only vote in Presidential elections? Be sure to get the word to them. I want every human being in Virginia to know about this race. Remind Virginians of events in Texas regarding the abortion law. Reinforce to them that Virginia must remain blue.

Tweet out articles about Terry. Tell people about his accomplishments. Pin a reminder on your social. Ask people on Twitter to follow him. Phone bank. Knock on doors. Let your friends know about the race. Tell THEIR friends as well.

Tell everyone how easy it is to vote there. Tell people on Facebook, on Insta, on Twitter or whatever sites you hang out on how consequential this election is. And thank you as always for your voracious activism. Let’s win this for Terry!

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