The Arizona election “audit” is on a path to destruction

The Arizona ‘frauditors’ — Cyber Ninjas, the inexperienced contractor conducting an extraordinarily partisan and controversial 2020 election inquisition (‘fraudit’) and Senate Republicans who hired them — extended their lease for “at least two weeks” on Thursday, their third extension since the charade began (with an initial projected completion by mid-May). After several recent reports that they were nearing completion once again, MSNBC reported they were in danger of eviction after failing to vacate Wednesday when their lease ended. In addition to lacking election review skills, it’s obvious the bumbling amateurs are also devoid of planning and organization skills. They may have just needed the extension to avoid eviction initially, but now it’s snowballing.

Ken Bennett, Arizona Senate liaison, reported to NBC News they decided to seek more time “to review ballots and machinery” because although the hand count’s done, “in my opinion the audit is just starting,” noting they only recently obtained documents “critical to the count” (which he just said was complete, but none of this has ever made sense). Bennett continued to ramble about multiple more tasks ahead as if this could go on forever, and made false excuses contradicted by others.

Barry Burden, professor and director of the University of Wisconsin’s Elections Research Center said this was “yet another sign” they are “in over their heads.” Burden co-authored a report sharply criticizing the ‘fraudit.’

The really bad news is that the venue could only extend the lease if they relocated (including over 2M ballots) to a building “not recommended for use between May through September.” Bennett claimed “the swamp coolers” would keep the place cool enough, but I doubt the venue’s main concern was the frauditors’ comfort. You can’t make this stuff up.


Professor Burden warned, “Dragging ballots back and forth between the climates is going to change the paper,” and the swamp coolers act like humidifiers, causing further damage (on top of the strange scrutinization techniques and ‘lab work’ they’ve already been subjected to). I’m sure this continued path of destruction was music to the frauditors’ ears, since Arizona’s leading newspaper filed suit against Cyber Ninjas and the Senate for noncompliance with a public information request. But it’s more than just a good excuse for failure to produce records. After all, destruction of democracy is a risky business, but ‘accidental’ destruction of evidence reduces that risk in their devious minds, paving the way for a myriad of tall-tales to be included in their final report — expected by Labor Day, but don’t hold your breath.

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