The alternative is unthinkable

WTF is wrong with Texas? As that is a rhetorical question, an answer is not expected. There is much wrong with Texas. A favorite saying is ‘Texas is where Oklahoma looks to feel better about being Oklahoma.’

The problems in the US are many and great amid the pandemic. One could easily be overwhelmed by the never-ending onslaught; floods, hurricanes, COVID, racism, white nationalism, domestic terrorism, climate change, etc. Each one must be addressed and solved. The alternative is unthinkable. The problem with Texas is one of those problems. Drastic action must be taken. But what?

Texas is only one state where the reproductive rights of women and rights of voters are being trampled. (Side-bar: Isn’t it perversely ironic that the GOP should belly-ache and moan about the calamity of the Taliban violating human rights when the GOP forces in Texas and elsewhere in MAGA-land are doing much the same thing?)

We, federal government, must not allow Texas to back-slide to some dark, regressive time pre-enlightenment, pre-Roe, pre-voting Rights Act.

One proposition is to expand the Supreme Court from nine to 11 or 13 to counter-balance the current conservative-to-liberal ratio. That move would require the Senate to amend or abolish the filibuster. In turn, that move would, most likely, require a firm majority of Democrats in the Senate. Such Chinese-puzzle moves are daunting. There are no easy answers but workable solutions must be made.

It is all too evident that the American experiment will wither and die if we are to rely on the clear-thinking of Susan Collins and her ilk. Contact your government representatives on every level; municipal, country, state and federal. Email them. Phone them. Text them. Pester them and pepper them with questions and suggestion. is a very handy way to accomplish that Find your member of Congress and contact him or her: 202-225-3121.
For the Senate: 202-224-3121.

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