That’s over with

Here’s a harsh reminder to the MAGA/Q/GQP lunatics: the world is not about you.

Yes, it’s true that, at once upon a time, from an infantile standpoint, it was all about you. For years. For years, parents provided everything you needed as if you were a ‘infant-god.’ They wiped your arse, changed your soiled diapers, fretted over the tiniest ‘boo-boo’ and tended to your every need.

That’s over. It will never happen again in your life. The world does not revolve around your ignorance. Your ignorance does not determine the reality for the rest of us.

The reality – the actual, factual truth is that masks work quite well to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as well as other virii. In point of fact, all viral infections such as the common cold and cases of seasonal influenza are all at record low numbers. That’s due to folks wearing masks and socially distancing.

Sorry to hear that your second-cousin, twice removed, who once lived next door to a guy whose brother-in-law worked in the boiler-room at MIT told you differently. Your specious research makes a hill of beans look like the treasures of Croesus.

Reality – vaccines work precisely in the ways that vaccines work. Duh… They do not make magnetize people. They do not contain Bill Gates’ miraculous microscopic microchips. Vaxxed people do not pick up 5G transmissions nor make one Blue-Tooth compatible. Vaccines do not alter human DNA, nor do they do make you a ‘Lib-tard who quotes from ‘Das Kapital,’ nor do vaccines do any of the other fantastical lunacy that guys sitting on their bed in the mother’s basement post on FaceBook.

Vaxxed people do, however, contract COVID. That is a sad fact. Another sad fact: there never has been a vaccine that is 100% effective. But here’s the kicker: Vaxxed people DON’T DIE! Here’s another fact: 99% of all new cases are of those who are NOT vaccinated. Those un-vaxxed victims of the plague are hospitalized, intubated and some wind up dead for being so gullible as to accept lies based on ignorance and fear as their guiding light.

In summation: Wear your mask and get your jabs. Oh, and stop your insipid, adolescent whining about rights and slippery slopes. People are dying here!

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