Ted Cruz may be unwittingly helping the Democrats on this one

It is difficult to figure out just which member of the Insurrection (Republican) Party is the worst. So many choices! And it seems every week, yet another clueless Governor or Senator steps up to the plate.

But one thing is sure. Ted Cruz is in the running. The wimpy Senator cut and ran during the tragic Texas storms and then tried to blame his ill-timed Mexico vacation on his children, proving there is no low too low for the dud of a Senator.

And now, in his latest move, Cruz has been huddled on the phone with other members of his party, trying to firm up opposition to voting rights. The Texas Senator reportedly told Republicans that Democrats want “illegal aliens” and “child molesters” to have the right to vote.

He also claimed if the Democrats are successful at passing voting rights legislation, the GOP will not win elections again for decades, maybe even “generations.” Cruz also warned his fellow insurrectionists there was no room for compromise on these bills.

Cruz may be unwittingly helping the Democrats. Because if the GOP continues their open warfare on the peoples’ right to vote, the filibuster will undoubtedly be either eliminated or changed. So, there is that. But Cruz is also showing the depths he will go to in achieving power.

This is why it is more important than ever to get this voter legislation passed, as I am confident we will do. The Democrats will not cower before one Ted Cruz as he cowered before one Donald Trump who insulted half his family. Cruz also cowered before Texas’s great people, leaving them helpless as he jetted off on his vacation.

The more Cruz tries to hinder Democrats, the stronger they will be. All Cruz is doing with his frantic and failing efforts is delaying the inevitable.

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