Ted Cruz just took things to a whole new level of bonkers insanity

The Texas Trump wannabes are trading in Trump’s signature pomp and circumstance for fake Texas-border-crisis videos, apparently thinking their job as an elected representative is just a ‘reality show.’

First we have the Ted Cruz show. When he’s not vying for attention by emoting for the press or on the Senate floor, he’s making videos of himself. In this episode, he appears to be reporting on the Texas border ‘crisis’ in the middle of the night from some swamp in Louisiana, but reports he is on the shore of the Rio Grande. Unfortunately, the only light is focused on Cruz. Gee, it’s almost as if Cruz didn’t want us to see the ‘crisis’ surrounding him.

Next we have the Greg Abbott show, aired almost daily in Texas. He gives yet another press conference, after taking a joy flight over the alleged border “crisis.” Wearing a military-style shirt, he rolls his wheelchair to the microphone, and begins chastising President Biden for causing the ‘crisis’ that is so evident around him.

Just kidding: Abbott appears to be surrounded by whatever type of patrol officers and patrol vehicles were available at the border, role-playing as their military leader. Whoever they are, I guess there’s really not a border ‘crisis’ if all these personnel and vehicles have nothing better to do than act as stage props for Governor Abbott.

So the ‘reality shows’ continue here in Texas, but believe me, the ‘reality’ is that if there really was some terrible, ongoing border ‘crisis’ while these two were there, we’d see it on their shows. We have the same type of Nazi propaganda spewed by Trump — just new sets and scripts, with a cast of tiring, old players.

Meanwhile, President Biden quickly takes questions from the press in what appears to be a parking lot somewhere, addressing the very real crisis of Republican state legislators attempting to destroy our democracy. Biden is too busy to waste his time on reality show garbage a la Abbott and Cruz – a couple of Texas drama queens who appear to do little-to-nothing else.

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