Ted Cruz just found a whole new way to humiliate himself

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Isn’t it glorious watching Senator Ted Cruz make a fool of himself? It happens frequently and the humor in watching the creep make an idiot of himself really never gets old. In a fiery hearing the other day, Cruz lost his marbles trying to defend Voter ID laws.

Franita Tolson is a law Professor at the University of California. Cruz was busy non-questioning her about racism as it pertains to voter ID laws. Asking Franita what ID laws are racist, Cruz neatly set himself up for what followed.

Faster than one could say, Ted Cruz is an idiot, Franita had an answer: “Apologies, Mr. Cruz, your state of Texas, perhaps.” Ouch! Senator Cruz couldn’t handle THAT honest answer and proceeded to try to play lawyer, a task that did not work for him, as most things do not for the terrible Texan.

It was a sight to see. C’mon, Texas! This guy is ruining your mighty reputation. The expression, “Don’t mess with Texas” is losing its authenticity when applied to Cruz. Let’s make sure this miserable imposter is never elected to any office again, unless it’s the king of bullshit.

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