This is sick, even for Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz wants you to believe he is the real victim of the Boulder Shooting. And the Atlanta Shooting. And before that, the Springfield, Missouri Shooting, the Midland/Odessa drive-by shootings, the Dayton shooting, the El Paso Walmart shooting, the Gilroy shooting, the Virginia Beach shooting, the Thousand Oaks shooting, the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, the Annapolis Shooting, the Santa Fe, Texas Shooting, the Parkland Shooting, the Sutherland Springs, Texas Shooting, the Las Vegas Shooting, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting, and on and on.

You see, Ted Cruz says he is tired of the fact that every time there is a mass shooting in the United States, he has to hear calls from Democrats for gun reform legislation. Every single time. And Ted Cruz is sick of it. Sick of it!

Cruz disingenuously claims that Democrats’ proposed gun reforms would do nothing to stop the epidemic of shooting sprees that is uniquely American. (Yes, other countries occasionally have a mass shooting – but nowhere else is it routine, as it is here.) Mass shooting advocates in the Republican Party, often prompted by the NRA terrorist campaign finance group, often make the absurd argument that if any specific gun reform proposal wouldn’t have prevented all mass shootings – or at least one particular example that they put forth — then it isn’t worth pursuing. Cruz has taken this ludicrous approach even further and argued that such reforms do nothing to prevent the problem.


Cruz also feigned outrage over progressives’ mocking of his typical Republican response to mass shootings, sending “thoughts & prayers” to victims and their families, instead of taking any action. Cruz said he’ll continue to lift the afflicted up in prayer – then agreed that thoughts and prayers alone were not enough. This is exactly the point that progressives have been making. So what actions will Cruz and his fellow Republicans take to help prevent more mass shootings in the future – even if they don’t eliminate all mass shootings?

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