Ted Cruz gets ripped to pieces by Senator Dick Durbin

The drama with one Ted Cruz (Insurrection party-Texas) seems never-ending. The Texas Senator is already seeing his approval numbers collapsing since his ill-timed trip to Mexico. This latest stunt isn’t going to help the Senator.

This week, Cruz and Senator Dick Durbin had a war of words. It started with the COVID stimulus checks. Cruz is not happy that the bill will pass, and his constituents will get some help. Because now he is accusing the Democrats of giving checks to illegal aliens.

The checks would go “to every illegal alien in America,” the compassionless Senator declared. This is just fake news at its finest, as Durbin was quick to tell him. “The statement of the Senator is just plain false,” Durbin said.

Durbin continued, “Let me be clear. Undocumented immigrants do not have social security numbers, and they do not qualify for stimulus relief checks, period. And just in case you didn’t notice, they didn’t qualify in December when 92 of us voted for that measure.”

This all came about because Cruz wanted to introduce an amendment to the COVID Bill. Durbin accused Cruz and other Republicans of just wanting to give Senate speeches saying the checks would go to undocumented workers. Durbin shut Cruz down quickly, and the amendment never made it into the final bill.

Stunts like this do nothing except show Cruz’s complete disregard for his constituents. He does not care about them, which we already knew. And given his plunging poll numbers, it is safe to say many Texans don’t care about Mr. Cruz either.

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