Susan Collins just found a whole new way to humiliate herself


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Ah, Republicans. Their brand of bullshit is so apparent I am frequently puzzled that everybody doesn’t see it. We are in the fight of our lives to pass voter legislation, which we will do. But, in the upcoming weeks, we must keep the pressure on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. I want to talk about what happened on the Senate floor on Tuesday because it was something to behold.

Many members of the GOP, carefully coached by their wormy leader, Senator McConnell, have been standing up and speaking non-truths as they argue feebly against voter legislation.

And nobody – absolutely nobody – looked more foolish than Susan Collins (not concerned-insurrection party-Maine.)

So Collins, being Collins, wanted to seek attention – er, sorry – make a speech about voting rights. And what a speech it was! First, Collins argued that H. R. 1 contains language that is “over the top.”

She also said if this bill passes, it will “enhance partisan messaging.” Does anybody know what she’s talking about? Does Susan Collins know what she’s talking about?

But the best was yet to come. Collins proceeded to declare the Georgia voting laws make it easier for everyone to vote.

Going on, her brow furrowed in fake concern, Collins inexplicably began talking about the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut and how they do not have early in-person voting. I am not sure what point she was trying to make, and I doubt Collins knows either.

Wrapping up, Collins, brow still furrowed, sat down. Then Hurricane Maria stood up. I am speaking of Maria Cantwell. The Washington Senator proceeded to clean Susan’s clock. “I feel like there’s a little bit of hiding going on,” she said sweetly.

Cantwell then proceeded to challenge Collins and her fellow partners in lies about leaving things up to states. She invoked Rosa Parks. She invoked the 1965 Voting Rights act. It was a joy to see and hear her speak. And I must say what I feel so: Senator Collins can take her fake concern and shove it.


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