Sticking it to Mitch McConnell

The Organizing Resolution that Schumer and McConnell have to agree to so that the Senate can get down to business and Democrats can be added to the committees is still at a standstill because of Mitch McConnell.

As we explained previously, McConnell is trying to inject into the agreement that the Democrats will not get rid of the filibuster, thus preserving McConnell’s ability to continue to obstruct and destroy the Senate by refusing to pass any of Biden’s legislation. Schumer has refused this outrageous demand and has held firm.

The organizing resolution requires 60 votes to pass. For business that requires a majority vote, VP Harris can break the tie, but, not in committees.

Why isn’t Schumer just blowing up the filibuster, passing the organizing resolution, and moving on? Because some moderate Dems and President Biden do not want the filibuster abolished unless necessary. In other words, Schumer doesn’t have the votes – yet, and McConnell know this.

Mitch thinks he’s being smart in his endeavor to hold onto power as the minority. But, Schumer isn’t going to play this game much longer. As soon as Biden, Sinema, Tester, and Manchin finally get fed up with the continued McConnell obstruction and give Schumer the signal that they’re with him in moving this country forward, he’ll pull the trigger. What it’ll take for them to reach that limit is anyone’s guess. But, I’d venture to wager that trading your power to McConnell just so you can keep the filibuster would be a pretty good deal-breaker.

To moderate Dem holdouts on the fence, yes, it would have been nice to keep that tool in our toolbox, but the clock is ticking. Take solace in the fact that every American in this country knows that McConnell would not do the same for you. And, when you get rid of it because of Mitch, exploit it in every way possible, laying the blame squarely at his feet.


Using the filibuster to continue to paralyze the Senate is a disgrace. The American people put the Democrats in charge precisely because of this Republican conduct.
Moderate Dems, give Majority Leader Schumer the signal now before your inaction blows up our majority not only for the next 2 years, but possibly beyond. Do this and Schumer can end this obstruction and bury Mitch right now. It’s time for the nuclear option.

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