Smoking gun confirms Trump-Russia collusion

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson just ordered the release of damning documents containing new details about former Trump Presidential Campaign Chair Paul Manafort’s crimes, including his conspiring with Russian operative Konstantin Kilimnik to facilitate Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

As an aside, it should be noted that journalists, pundits, and politicians have all minimized the magnitude and seriousness of Russia’s efforts to help elect Donald Trump by routinely referring to it as “Russian meddling,” as if it’s on a par with your in-laws butting in with unsolicited advice on how to prepare a meal or discipline your kids, as opposed to state-sponsored interference in a fundamental element of our democracy.

It is now clear that “Manafort authorized the dissemination of this specific information,” that is, “to share internal campaign polling data with Kilimnik.” The Treasury Department, in sanctioning Kilimnik, previously found that Kilimnik passed this data on to Russian intelligence services. Such internal polling data would have been enormously valuable to Russia in targeting its U.S. election interference efforts so as to have maximum impact.

These smoking gun revelations make abundantly clear that Trump’s claims of “No Collusion! No Collusion!” and his repeated assertions that the Mueller Investigation was a “Russia hoax” and a “Witch Hunt” were absolute lies. There was “collusion” (or more properly, “conspiracy”) between the Trump campaign and Russia to help Trump win the election. No doubt we can soon expect an abject apology from Trump for attempting to delude the American public into believing that (a) his campaign wasn’t in bed with Russia, and (b) he was the victim, rather than the perpetrator, of a grave injustice.
And Trump sycophants Devin Nunes and Gym Jordan, who amplified and magnified his lies and hijacked Congressional hearings and other events to rail against the investigation into the Trump Campaign’s misdeeds, will surely issue their own sincere apologies for misleading the American people on such a serious matter. These two Trumplicans are undoubtedly so embarrassed and chastened by their unpatriotic actions as Trump’s pawns that they will return the Presidential Medals of Freedom he bestowed upon them as a reward for their efforts.

And how about Leningrad Lindsey, who reveled in “investigating the investigators” to “show” that the traitorous Trump was badly treated by the FBI and DOJ? Finally, we should all enjoy the satisfaction of seeing Bill Barr admit that he totally distorted the findings of the Mueller investigation in order to serve the venal personal interests of Trump, rather than fulfilling his duties as Attorney General to see justice done.

Of course, we will never actually see any contrition from these purveyors of propaganda, because that would indicate that they have functioning moral compasses and consciences, and that they actually care about the best interests of the country. None of this is true for these craven political hacks who eagerly thrust themselves into Trump’s orbit. Sadly, the same can be said of the entire Republican Party, with rare exceptions.

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