The sheer madness of Lauren Boebert

New U.S. House Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is quickly making herself known to Americans even outside of her home district. She’s almost cartoonish in her lunacy, and if she weren’t so gun-obsessed, it would be easier to write her off as just another buffoon put forth by the GOP. Unfortunately for the constituents of Colorado’s third congressional district and the rest of us by extension, it appears she has more in common with the Capitol insurrectionists than she does with those who are able to stay on the right side of the law. She may have been sent to Congress by voters in her district, but her antics affect us all.

Rep. Boebert has often found herself in the hot seat due to poor decisions on her part. She has a record of at least four arrests in the past decade, and her husband has had his own run-ins with the law as well ‒ that tells you plenty about their family’s values. Per The Denver Post and other outlets, Rep. Boebert appeared to abet the insurrectionists as they stormed the Capitol earlier this month, going so far as to tweet that today is “1776” to the insurgents, as well as dangerously and foolishly tweeting out the locations of certain congressional colleagues during the siege.

Her constituents in Colorado deserve better representation, and the nation as a whole deserves representatives with a greater level of maturity, with more respect for their colleagues, and who are not wholly unhinged gun fanatics. Rep. Boebert needs to resign or be expelled from Congress, as she’s potentially a danger to far too many people.

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