Senate Republicans are reduced to playing the “Stacey Abrams” card

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When an individual does not want to do something, they can find many ways to avoid doing it. Let’s use an example. Suppose one is offered a new job. Deep down, the person does not really want the job. So they may hem and haw.

They may say they need time to think about it. They may say the job’s too far away, or it’s too big a company or too small a company, or they don’t like the company’s name. LOL. The last one was a joke, but you get the picture.

The point I want to make is that humans can get very creative when they’re trying to get out of doing something. And this is precisely what’s happening now with our GOP “friends.”

Now that Senator Manchin appears to be making an honest effort on voting rights, the GOP is panicking. So they are coming up with bizarre explanations why they shouldn’t pass the voter legislation.

I have to hand it to Senator Roy Blunt (King of stupid excuses-insurrection party-Missouri). Senator Blunt has come up with what he seems to believe is a clever way to avoid passing the legislation – blame Stacey Abrams.

Abrams endorsed Manchin’s proposed bill changes. This is an excellent thing for us but not so much for Republicans since they live to obstruct anything and everything the Democrats do. So Blunt, in a foolish move, declared this bill wasn’t to his liking because Abrams had the unmitigated gall to endorse it: “It became the Stacey Abrams substitute, not the Joe Manchin substitute.”

Blunt’s words were not only ridiculous but nasty. And clueless. It’s also not a great way to start our new Federal Holiday known as Juneteenth by insulting a phenomenal woman of color. But this comment does show the desperation of the GOP. They don’t want a compromise bill. We will get Voter legislation passed. But it will not be with any help from Senator Roy Blunt.

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