Ron Johnson should be expelled for this

The January 6th insurrection was a violent and bloody event that had multiple casualties and was something that we must never let happen again. Yet, to hear some Republicans talk about it, it is like getting a glimpse into an alternate universe. And this universe is dangerous.

If one had listened to fanatical Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s take on this horrible day, one might think it was nothing more than a pleasant walk through the Capital. Johnson was so dismissive of the attack that one wonders if he could have come straight from Orwell’s 1984.

Johnson’s denial of reality was so utterly disgusting that it left many speechless, and it should have been enough to get the craven Senator expelled from the Senate.

It is not just Johnson, though. For example, it is widely reported that Texas deserter one Ted Cruz was deeply involved with his cell phone during testimony about the Capital Terrorist attack.

It is not difficult to figure out why Republicans are doing this. They hope people forget the little problem of an insurrection and move on to more important things like railing against Antifa. Republicans are growing increasingly uncomfortable even HEARING about the insurrection because they know there is no excuse for it. And there is no excuse for Donald Trump’s role in it. But they cannot SAY that, or they risk alienating a particular Florida “person” whose help they believe they need.

So, the Republican party has devolved into a party that cares more about not offending the insurrection leader than doing one thing to help the American people.

The fact is Republicans now stand for nothing. Can anybody reading this even come up with one policy proposal from the Sedition party? Republicans no longer have ANYTHING they stand for, except apparently defending Donald Trump.

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