Roger Stone just threw Steve Bannon under the bus

The insurrectionist Trump Gang capos continue to stab each other in the back as they scramble to sell each other out to escape justice for the January 6 government insurrection plot and deadly violence at our nation’s Capitol.

Roger Stone went on record this past weekend to blame the January 6 insurrection on none other than Steve Bannon. Stone specifically pointed to Bannon as allegedly giving the order to “breach” the Capitol and maneuver “patriots into dangerous positions.”

Stone also went on the “Info Wars“ platform to advise host Alex Jones not to take seriously the January 6 committee’s expected questions to him. Stone sloughed off any charges of obstruction of justice, saying that he was just giving Jones legal advice. Wherever Stone may have gotten his legal training remains a mystery. Maybe it was the now defunct Trump Academy.


Just keep digging that hole, Mr. Stone. Pretty soon it will be big enough to swallow up you and all your Trump Gang cronies.

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