Putting Trumpism out of its misery

Ending the blight of Trumpism is a must. Undermining and mitigating the influence of QAnon is vital. Unseating the likes of Cruz, Hawley, McConnell, McCarthy, et. al is essential to the longevity and health of the Republic. None of that is going to happen with a wave of the wand or even a single election cycle. Unfortunately.

Trumpism, QAnon and the current raft of anti-democracy Republicans are symptoms of a problem that the Unites States has shuffled under the rug for centuries. Like anthropogenic climate change, Trumpism, QAnon and the current GOP are the result of systemic failures over multiple generations.

The massive build-up of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere did not happen over-night. The solution is a not a simple one. There is no ‘One-hour Martinizing’ of the climate to be had. Similarly, there is no quick-fix of the present political environment in the USA. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the raft of progressive law-makers portend change but can only enact the necessary prologue to what must be a lengthy process of rectification.

We can only address the massive build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere by taking drastic action over a prolonged period of time. Righting the course of our Republic, tacking away from the shoals to avoid further foundering, can only be achieved by similar drastic action.

Playing ‘politics as usual,’ which the political establishment is wont to do – especially after the horrific aberration of the Trump administration – has the appeal of re-assuming a state of normalcy, however, it does not address long-term issues. White Nationalism must be called out and expunged from the American psyche. It must not be allowed to further fester and poison the national character any longer.

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