Not so fast

Instead of attending Trump’s self-serving sendoff in Maryland, both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell have elected to attend Mass with President-Elect on the morning of January 20th ahead of his inauguration. This is yet further proof the GOP Congressional leadership has had its fill of Trump and has decided to throw him under the bus. Apparently, this is being done in the name of the national unity Republican leaders now want, but we should all know by now McConnell and McCarthy are not doing this for the sake of unity.

By snubbing Trump on his way out the door, they are hoping that the American people will buy into their lies about wanting to unify the American people. Let’s not forget these are two men who spent the past four years supporting Trump and everything he did because it got them what they wanted. No matter how stupid, immoral, or illegal Trump’s actions were, these two men and their fellow Republicans were right there to support Trump. They both are obviously hoping that we will buy their horseshit about wanting to come together and that at the end they broke with Trump. They’re hoping we’ll forget everything they did before and during Trump’s occupation of the Oval Office.

It’s a little late for that. Maybe if these two men had supported the first impeachment of Trump and had put country ahead of party then I’d perhaps be a little more inclined to believe them now. But through their actions they’ve shown that they put themselves ahead of the country, and I wouldn’t believe them now if they said two plus two is four. Since McConnell and McCarthy are going to church tomorrow, they should pray to God for forgiveness for what they’ve done.

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