No wonder the Republicans are panicking

I think Democrats should give themselves a pat on the back. “Veni, Vidi, Vici” is the phrase I’d use here. That is Latin for “I came; I saw; I conquered.” It has been attributed to one Julius Caesar, the legendary conqueror, and I think it applies here.

Democrats came out to the voting booths. They came out in droves because they had seen the atrocities committed by the Trump organization, and they weren’t going to take it anymore. And they conquered. Boy, did they ever!

We won by a relatively large margin. President Biden flipped five states, bringing us back the blue wall and taking Georgia and Arizona with him. It’s a time to be proud. Proud of our President and proud of ourselves for doing the work.

And in these few short months, Biden has emerged as not just a competent President but a great one. I’ve made this prediction before that he will go down in history as one of the greats. The way he has handled everything from COVID to LGBTQ rights to rejoining the Paris Climate agreement, he has flourished. And it is driving the Republicans crazy!

We see this in their desperate and flailing attempts to rig the next election. They cannot stomach that they are now the minority, and they can no longer control peoples’ lives. And they will not control voters either. We’ll get the vote out in Georgia. I firmly believe this horrible legislation passed will not even be legislation come 2022, but it does not matter.

We are tough and will not let the GOP rule by fear which they seem determined to do even though their very presence has been reduced to pathetic whining. As the Insurrection party grasps in vain for power, they’re about to discover the strength that was always there in the Democratic party.

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