Nikki Haley has lost whatever little might have been left of her mind


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What do we look for in our Presidents? I have a few ideas — courage, for one thing. Also important are strengths of convictions. Honesty with the American people is vital. We need to be able to trust our leaders.

Experience is important. So are competence and empathy. These are all traits of our most successful Presidents, and President Biden has them in full. Nikki Haley? Not so much.

I bring up Haley because her behavior has been insane. Her attempts to ingratiate herself with the Trump crowd while simultaneously denouncing Trump himself and then changing her mind and embracing him show a woman with no inherent loyalty to anyone.

She has done everything from accusing Biden of wanting to pack the courts to attacking his U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield for daring to talk about White Supremacy. Haley is also effusively praising Trump for having fixed the problems at the border.

The best analogy I can give about Haley is that she reminds me of that kid in school. This kid would want to belong so severely they would say and do anything without meaning it. They might try to get in with the jocks, AND the intellectuals AND the punks, while not caring about any of these groups.

In my view, Haley is as toxic as the true believers of MAGA. Because she wants to be President so desperately and has no personality or strong beliefs of her own, she will say and do anything and everything to get approval to solidify her ambitions.

It won’t work. I believe the GOP will never nominate a woman in 2024, and if they do, it won’t be Haley. And yet, her desperate march continues. Maybe if she sat down and spoke like a human being instead of a Stepford machine, she might be able to win back that respect she so deeply covets.


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