Nikki Haley goes completely off the rails

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina (2011-2017) and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-2018), destroyed what could have been an enduring political career. She smashed her reputation for reasonableness and all claims to legitimacy when she accepted a position in the previous president’s administration. She’s still actively sabotaging what’s left of her reputation with her continued full-throated defense of the corrupt and inept president under whom she served. Once upon a time, Haley was about as reasonable as one can expect a Republican to ever be, but she jettisoned that mantle and took up that of a far-right apologist and enabler.

Monday night, Haley told Fox News that she doesn’t “even think there’s a basis for impeachment.” The preceding president did many things that were impeachable, from his deplorable comportment to his villainous incompetence, from his notorious indolence to his unthinkable corruption. In his last days in office, he incited a violent insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. Let that sink in. The sitting President of the United States incited an attack on our Capitol, hoping it would become a full-blown coup. If this last act alone doesn’t warrant impeachment and conviction, then what does? Let’s remember that the preceding president has been impeached, but what’s in question now is whether or not the Senate will convict him and hold him accountable.

It’s widely thought that Nikki Haley wants to run for president at some point, or at least wants to be relevant on the political landscape. Haley has chosen a path that is not principled, altruistic, or concerned with truth and justice. Haley’s stance on impeachment and accountability is unfortunate and unsound. While Haley says we should give the previous president “a break” and “move on,” there must be consequences for the violent attempted coup incited by the then-president.

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