New York Daily News just destroyed Mitch McConnell

There are in life those people who thrive on making others as humanly miserable as possible. They do this for a variety of reasons. Some people are deeply miserable and want to put that misery onto others. Some people are just immature and are addicted to being as nasty as possible. They get some type of thrill from it.

And some just have no conscience. All of these types of people are to be avoided. They do not care about others, and it shows in their words and actions. One such person is Senator Mitch McConnell (Uncaring fool-insurrection party-Kentucky).

History will not be kind to McConnell. His whole career has been about obstruction and arrogance. He has shown he doesn’t care one bit about the American people. And others recognize this as well. Just take the New York Daily News.

This newspaper is not too happy with McConnell right now, joining millions of other outraged Americans. With his blocking of the January sixth commission, the corrupt Kentuckian has firmly shown the world there is nothing too evil for him to do.

So the New York Daily News let people know of its crackling and intense disgust for Moscow Mitch. The paper’s Saturday front page depicted Mitch as a worm. Not only that, but the paper lovingly gave the corrupt Senator the nickname he deserves. They dubbed him “Spineless McWorm.”

The graphics showed McConnell’s head attached to an earthworm. Good for them! I mean, if the worm fits….

The caption read: “Mitch and his GOP cowards KO Riot probe.”

Of course, this wormy headline caused joy to ripple among Twitter users everywhere, causing many a worm meme and McConnell to trend but probably not for the reason he would like. Spineless McWorm has nobody to blame for this but his wormy self. This is the legacy he is leaving in History. I hope it was worth it for him.

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