New trouble for Matt Gaetz

And now, yet another installment in Matt Gaetz is screwing up badly. So, Gaetz, as many of you know, has somehow managed to acquire a fiancee. How this happened, I cannot say, but the fact that Gaetz was able to find someone should give hope to single people everywhere.

His fiancee is a lady by the name of Ginger Luckey. You can’t make this shit up. There is a problem, though. (Sigh, isn’t there always?) This nagging minor issue has to do with the sister of Ginger. Her name is Roxanne.

Roxanne apparently does not like Gaetz. In fact, she seems to dislike him. And she made a couple of videos explaining to the general public the reasons for her repulsion. According to Roxanne, when she was 19, Gaetz tried to fix her up with a guy who was–ahem–quite a bit older than she was.

The fact that Roxanne already had a boyfriend apparently was of no concern to Gaetz. He pestered Roxanne about it, going so far as to scream at her when she told him how uncomfortable it was making her. What a guy!

Sadly, her sister and the lucky fiancee of Gaetz, Luckey (this is one odd sentence), went a bit psycho on her sister, telling the Daily Beast her sister had exhibited “destructive behavior. She also proceeded to call Roxanne “mentally unwell.”

So what are we to make of this story? Well, we have two choices. We can believe a poised and seemingly very intelligent and articulate young woman, or we can believe a narcissistic Congressman already being investigated for sex trafficking and his fiancee. I know who I believe.

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