MyPillow guy Mike Lindell could be out $5 million

The fallout from Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium continues. Now a security expert who attended the event has put in a claim for the $5 million Mikey said he would pay to anyone who could prove that he was full of it with all that data he provided. Bill Alderson examined Mikey’s data and found it did not contain the proof Mikey claimed it did, so now he wants to be paid. And he’s not the only one wanting to be paid for wasting his time at the symposium.

And how has Mikey responded? Has he admitted that the data was just a bunch of random garbage? Has he admitted that he was full of it with his claims and agreed to pay out the $5 million? Oh, hell no. Mikey responded with a typical MyPillow meltdown. He’s now ranting to the likes of Steve Bannon that the experts were looking at the wrong data and trying to worm his way out of paying the $5 million.

Mikey invited people to come examine the data and figured he’d just throw a bunch of random garbage at the people he invited. Forgetting, of course that some of these people eat, breathe, and sleep information technology and would be able to tell right away if the data he presented was an actual smoking gun or a mound of bullshit.

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