Mitch McConnell’s empty threat

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So, Mitch McConnell is threatening to enact the GOP’s decades-long wish list of horrors on the American people when they get back in power if the Dems kill the filibuster. …er… Come again, Mitch? Talk about tipping your hand when you’re out of chips and can’t make the ante. Or something equally absurd.

Perhaps someone in the GOP insurrection caucus should refresh the minority leader’s mind by playing videos of Mitch’s bullying blunders when he was Majority Leader. Perhaps start with his declaration that Obama would be a one-term president. Or that the GOP’s stated goal was to deny any and all of Obama’s legislative policy initiatives.

The GOP (Grievously Offended Party) have lost the thread of electoral politics and want to weave a death shroud for democracy by actively and obnoxiously restricting voting rights and the suppressing votes of people of color.

To forestall this egregious stand against universal suffrage, the House has passed H.R. 1; the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. For this act to be passed by the Senate, it appears that the Dems will be forced to curtail if not eliminate the filibuster.

Thus, Mitch – in his new, powerless position as leader of the opposition – has made the hollow threat to do exactly what the GOP have done for more than a decade. 
…er… okay… One can only say; ‘Thanks, Mitch!’

Thanks for making the case so starkly clear for the likes of Joe Manchin, Angus King and Kyrsten Sinema who broke ranks in the effort to raise the minimum wage. Thanks, Mitch, for tipping your undemocratic, authoritarian hand to show us the dystopian vision of vengeance politics which awaits the nation if – Heavens forfend! – the Republicans ever take control of the Senate again. Stay safe. Stay activated.

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