Mitch McConnell melts down

Mitch McConnell issued a statement Monday blasting corporations who oppose the voting laws enacted by the GQP in Georgia, and telling them to “stay out of politics.” That’s funny! They’ve been helping Republicans like McConnell get re-elected and obstructing legislation benefitting all Americans for decades now!

Dozens of CEOs and corporations have spoken out against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signing a new racist law overhauling voting rights which makes it illegal to even give food and water to voters waiting in line, and other restrictions obviously aimed at preventing Democratic-leaning voters from casting a ballot. The legislation is based on the Big Lie, and even gives the Republican-controlled state legislature more control over elections, which would allow them to do the very things Trump is under investigation for trying to get them to do when he lost the last election.

McConnell claimed in a statement released Monday, entitled “Corporations Shouldn’t Fall for Absurd Disinformation on Voting Laws,” that “we are witnessing a coordinated campaign by powerful and wealthy people to mislead and bully the American people.” I don’t feel bullied, do you? I think it was the people who bullied the corporations into doing this, threatening boycotts if they didn’t. Now Republicans are trying to bully corporations to do the opposite, scared that they are standing up against the GQP’s coordinated effort to restrict and suppress the vote in at least 47 states – McConnell even went so far as to claim that was “the big lie.” Republicans just love projecting (but notice he failed to capitalize it).

The former guy is putting in his two cents, calling for boycotts by the GQP against such corporations. And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a letter canceling his plans to throw the first Texas Rangers pitch because of the MLB’s stand against Georgia’s new law, claiming they are supporting a false narrative by the Democrats. I’m sure the Texas Rangers are just heartbroken.

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