Mike Pence goes totally off the rails

Mike Pence has weighed in on the Democratic Party’s election reform bill. He doesn’t like it. He claims the Democrats stole the election, and if it wasn’t for the Democrats, he would still be Vice President in charge of Trump.

He doesn’t know exactly what was wrong with the election, but he knows that he isn’t Vice President anymore. In fact, I think that Pence thinks that this was what was wrong with the election.

His family was in danger, he was in danger, and he was hustled around the Capitol Building by the Secret Service, who were also in danger.

Despite knowing that Trump lied about anything and everything, he seems to want to still be his Vice President. He probably thinks that Trump’s policies were great even if Trump’s behavior and words were awful. But the President has to be mindful about words and behavior, as well as policies.

It was Mitch McConnell who spawned Republican obstructionism. If the Democrats were for something, anything, they will be against it. In 2008, the Republicans became the Party of “NO.” They have no good ideas, so they cannot stand that anyone else has a good idea either. The Republicans haven’t had a good idea since before 2008. If they were coming up with good ideas, they wouldn’t need to be obstructionists.

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