Michael Flynn is spiraling completely out of control

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Have you ever heard the expression “the rot from within?” Beloved author Agatha Christie used this expression in one of her best novels. It is something that can be perfectly applied to what we see going on now with the insurrection party.

This weekend Michael Flynn (insurrectionist-needs to be in prison) openly called for a coup. He did this at a QAnon conference in Dallas, Texas. He said what happened in Myanmar should happen here. Myanmar overthrew its government. Hundreds were killed.

In my opinion, this hateful rhetoric should and does warrant Flynn’s immediate arrest. But it is not just Flynn. Gaetz came out with the suggestion Americans take up arms against Silicon Valley. GOP Rep Paul Gosar praised insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt.

All of these disgusting comments have happened in the last few weeks. Now, why do you suppose that is? This goes back to the theory of the “rot from within.”

This theory is that when an individual lets evil in once-they are no longer bound by the norms and rules that govern society. They are emboldened because evil has entered their hearts. And when they give in to it once, the likelihood of being enveloped by it goes up enormously.

And the GOP gave in to it. They voted down the January sixth commission.

It’s no coincidence that these comments started popping up once the commission was voted down. Many of the insurrectionists now feel there are no consequences to their violent rhetoric. They think they can get away with anything. They have let evil in, and it is rotting their souls.

But they underestimate the power of the Democratic party. They misjudge Nancy Pelosi, a warrior in her own right. She will get to the bottom of what happened on January sixth. There is anger in the air, however. That anger is evil, pushed by insurrectionists, some of them holding high office. We must fight them, and we do this with strength, nobility, love, and honesty.

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