Matt Gaetz is imploding

And now we bring you the next installment in “As Matt Gaetz implodes.” Gaetz (under investigation-Insurrectionist party-Florida) is still loudly proclaiming his innocence.

In his latest moronic move, Gaetz has purchased yet another ad buy against CNN and is imploring his Twitter followers to donate. It is rather remarkable when one thinks about it. Here is a guy who was elected to help the American people. Instead of doing this, Gaetz seems to feel entitled enough to help himself to their money instead.

Not the best look for the High Haired Congressman. And now, reportedly, there is another anti-Gaetz billboard about to go up in Florida. Also, the investigation into him is continuing, and all the whining in the world will not and cannot change that fact.

I imagine miserable Matt must be a bit frantic about this, but there is nothing he can do. We will likely be hearing more about Gaetz as the investigation continues.

In the meantime, Gaetz is still accusing CNN of being out to get him. This is perplexing because almost every outlet in the country has been reporting on his scandal. Gaetz may see the name CNN as a trigger for MAGAs, and he may not be wrong about that, but it does not seem even MAGAs care about what the frantic Floridian does.


Also, he does not appear to be doing much of anything except screaming about how others are out to get him. There is so much he could be doing to help the American people. But Gaetz, like his idol, the former guy, apparently does not care about that fact. Expect to see and hear much more about the Gaetz scandal.

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