Matt Gaetz indictment watch

The US House of Representatives is not currently in session. During this long break, representatives are meant to be in their home districts working for and with their constituents. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) are doing no such thing for their constituents, however. These two deplorables are still hopping about the land doing their roadshow, trying to create national profiles all while spreading disinformation and stoking yet more political division.

This week, Greene and Gaetz took their traveling show to Iowa. While the crowd wasn’t enough to fill the venue, it did have an enthusiastic group of deluded right wingers to cheer on the disreputable Georgian and Floridian. Whenever Greene or Gaetz speaks, it’s a show of the absurd, and it’s a double whammy when they both take to the stage. No good ever comes of anything Greene or Gaetz says, and the country’s always worse off for having heard the demented ramblings.

Gaetz is on indictment watch, and it’s unclear what will come of the traveling show once Greene is left on her own. In Iowa, the duo continued to spread the Big Lie, and focused much of their ire on President Biden. Perhaps the most egregious thing to come of the Iowa event was Greene’s declaration that she plans to file articles of impeachment against President Biden this week, although it’s not entirely clear what her reasoning is beyond just disliking the president. Greene has already once attempted to file articles of impeachment, but she dropped that effort after admitting that the process was harder than she’d anticipated. Let’s see how far Greene’s stunt gets this time around.