Matt Gaetz has unhinged Twitter meltdown

Oh no! Matt Gaetz (Insurrection Party-Florida) has done it again. The self-proclaimed “warrior” cannot seem to stop tweeting. And his tweets are becoming increasingly ridiculous. At this point, it does appear Gaetz either likes all the negative attention he’s been receiving or is even more of a moron than we all thought. I’d venture to guess both possibilities are correct.

So, first, Gaetz posted four words. “The truth will prevail!” This caused much amusement on Twitter. You see, people agreed with Gaetz! Only most of his followers see “the truth” a wee bit different than Gaetz does.

His replies were filled with amusing responses from memes of Gaetz in orange jumpsuits to polite inquiries about whether Gaetz planned to attend any school proms. These are most likely not the responses he wanted, but then again, he is Matt Gaetz, so it isn’t that surprising he did not anticipate the blowback.

But Gaetz was not done. In yet another idiotic tweet, Gaetz posted a picture of himself with his fiancee (yes, this person has a fiancee. She has my sympathies.) Gaetz captioned the pic “Rollin with my #RideOrDie.”

Sigh. This tweet was also a mistake. Does Gaetz not realize what this term means? I will take it straight from Wikipedia itself: “referring to a woman willing to support her partner and his risky lifestyle despite how this might endanger or harm her.”


I do not think Gaetz could have been pleased with some of the replies he received to this unintentionally hysterical tweet. Although Gaetz continues to be the gift that keeps on giving and a never-ending source of amusement, it is also important to remember that he is a bully, an extremely problematic person, and may have broken laws. I am sure the story has barely started on Gaetz, and he has nobody to blame for that but himself.

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