Matt Gaetz goes totally bonkers as it all goes wrong for him

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Matt Gaetz is not a happy man. The investigation into the Florida Congressman’s vulgar activities is moving at a rapid pace. Gaetz is not happy about this and has decided to do something about it.

In his latest of many bad decisions, the crazy Congressman has decided to attack CNN. But not just once. Gaetz claims in a series of increasingly deranged tweets that the News Network is out to get him.

I do think the GOP has a paranoia problem. Because whenever one of their own steps in it, their first mode of defense is to accuse various News outlets of being “after them.”

However, in the case of Gaetz, just because he is paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get him. Only the getters are not CNN or other outlets. They are the FBI, who suspect he may have committed a pesky little thing called a crime. So, they are looking into it.

Gaetz, however, is insisting this is all CNN propaganda. The fact that many others in the media not connected to CNN also report on this does not seem to come up in the deranged Congressman’s tweets.

What also does not come up is that this investigation was started under Bill Barr. Gaetz brushes off anything that does not, in his (disturbed) mind, add to the picture of CNN being a Gaetz chasing monster. It is rather amusing.

But Gaetz needs an excellent lawyer to tell him to sit down and shut up. This is advice that Gaetz either has not received or has chosen to ignore. Now new reports are surfacing about drug-fueled sex parties that Gaetz attended. And the reporting is coming from..don’t laugh…CNN. Gates does need an attorney to save him from himself. I think Rudy Giuliani may be available.

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