Marjorie Taylor Greene’s spending problem

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) represents Georgia’s 14th congressional district despite not living there – she’s a resident of GA-06, which doesn’t even abut GA-14. She ran in GA-14 because the race was less crowded, and she ultimately won by default since she ran unopposed in the general election last November. The district Greene represents is one of Georgia’s poorest, and she ran on a populist platform and showed herself to be a devotee of QAnon and The Former Guy. Now it seems that Greene is using her campaign to finance her expensive culinary tastes and to pay for membership at a Republicans-only club where lobbyists exert their influence on the GOP.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper reminds us that Greene ran for office on the premise of “people over politicians,” financing her campaign mostly with small-dollar donations from across the country. Greene’s salary is a big waste of taxpayer money, and she’s a frivolous spender of money from her donors. Having been stripped of committee assignments in the House of Representatives, it seems she’s turned to the lobbyist crowd in order to have some semblance of relevance. Greene has little influence in the House, but it appears she’s still trying to hobnob with highfalutin lobbyists.


Greene’s spending of campaign funds includes membership at the GOP-only Capitol Hill Club, expensive meals at Capital Grille, and pricey eats at the Washington, D.C. hotel which bears the name of the previous president. It’s unlikely Greene’s supporters care much that she already seems to have forgotten her “people over politicians” pledge, as they’re more interested in her support of white supremacy and politicized evangelicalism. Greene has only been in office a few weeks, but she’s wasted no time in getting to work on wasting her donors’ dollars.

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