Marjorie Taylor Greene just had her most asinine day yet

Bored. Stupid. Pathetic. Those are all great words for the twisted sister known as Marjorie Taylor Greene. So, this week Greene went nuts on the steps of the Capitol. She began sounding off about abortion, heckling other Democrats, and all in all, behaving like the warped monster that she is.

Democratic Representative Pete Aguilar reportedly scolded the cartoon character, telling her to stop being “performative.”

“No, you’re performative.”

How original, Margie.

Debbie Dingell was also on it, telling Greene to “have civility.”

While arguing, it was reported that Dingell almost slipped and fell. “You’re gonna fall down,” Greene chirped. “Control yourself.”

People, we all know this woman is dangerous. Her sole purpose is to bait and to scorn Democrats. She isn’t a politician. On the contrary, she is a shock-jock. And she isn’t a very good one.

The good news is that most people know this. And the other good news is we have a January Sixth commission, and if they think she did ANYTHING on January Sixth, they will subpoena her. And they will get answers. So will we.

Speaking of subpoenas, I’d like to address something else. Many of you are worried that Republicans will ignore the subpoenas. I have a few things to say about that.

Some may try. All will fail. And let us imagine a scenario where this matter did head to court. I say — good! I want this to take a while. I want it to go through 2022. I want EVERYBODY to see the obstruction. I want the discomfort of the Republicans to be palpable.

I think that would actually be an excellent development. One has to remember that despite the loudness of the insurrectionists, they are a small percentage of this country. So the more attention put on their wicked ways, the better things are for us.