Marjorie Taylor Greene hits a wall

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has more in common with the insurgent rioters at the Capitol on January 6th than she does with the average American. Most of our compatriots seek to be good citizens, not to support efforts to dismantle democracy and sow societal discord. Greene is new to Congress but has already become one of the most visible faces of the QAnon party. Greene is susceptible to conspiracy theories and is a staunch ally of the basest elements of the extremist far right.

Greene, who likes to pretend the word “Democrat” is an insult, used Twitter this weekend to stir the pot, writing that “Democrat policies are destructive and #AmericaLast. Dem shutdowns killed 100’s of thousands of small businesses. Dem open borders grow cartel business to $400 million per month. And Democrat funded BLM/Antifa riots have cost BILLIONS in damage. Democrats are the enemy within.” Amidst the falsehoods there, notice that Greene doesn’t mention the far-right, anti-democracy insurgents who attacked the Capitol as being destructive or a domestic nemesis. The enemy within is white supremacy, religious extremism, and complicit enablers like Greene and others in the insurrectionist party. Greene is a full-fledged enemy of our country, and she is a paid member of Congress.

Greene is hitting the road this week with her deplorable friend, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in a bizarre “America First” tour. Gaetz’s legal woes and upcoming tribulations will be overwhelming, so it’s unclear what these two supervillains seek to accomplish. Since being removed from all House committees, Greene has lots of time on her hands, and she’s using this time to further her nefarious goals of exacerbating societal rifts and undermining democracy, one crazy tweet and hokey road tour at a time. Let’s just remember that it’s Greene and her ilk who are the enemies within.

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