Marco Rubio falls completely flat on his face

Have any of you ever watched the oldie but goodie television show “Lost in Space?” If you did, you’d know about one of the characters, Dr. Smith. Smith was a coward. He was easy to laugh at for two reasons: his cowardice and his inability to be loyal to anyone or anything—sort of like a certain Floridian Senator.

Senator Marco Rubio (Coward-Insurrection Party-Florida) has penned yet another op-ed. In this winner (sarcasm), he lets loose on corporations. Indeed, the title of the said op-ed is “Corporations that undermine American values don’t deserve GOP support.”

I’ve read the op-ed. Or correction. I have tried to read it. I say that because it doesn’t say anything. It’s little Marco engaged in a diatribe against wokeness and Liberal ideas.

He also appears to threaten any corporations who take liberal positions. He calls these positions “the greatest threat to our long-term viability.” He also seems to threaten companies who “eagerly dump woke, toxic nonsense into our culture.”

So, Rubio is insisting corporate America only take positions he agrees with, or he will withdraw support. This sounds like gibberish, but it is also dangerous. In essence, Rubio is showing his complete contempt for the First Amendment.

He also shows that he’s an idiot, but in fairness to Rubio, everybody knew that a long time ago. Rubio is being pilloried by virtually everyone right now for this sad excuse for an op-ed. Most likely, this has to do with Rubio wanting to run for President at some point. With his daily tweeting of Bible verses, Rubio has a bit of a problem running for President.


The problem is that he’s repulsive. I don’t think that’s something the namby-pamby weakling can ever hope to change. Rubio provides us with a bit of amusement, but he should either resign or be quiet because all his fake threats are doing is exposing him for the coward he is.

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