Madison Cawthorn exposed

I’ve always loved airports. How about you? To me, airports represent adventure: nameless people everywhere, many heading to exotic locations. Beautiful planes are waiting to take off.

Airports gleam with mystery as excited passengers sometimes strike up conversations with fellow adventurers they will never see again—the roaring of the planes, the excitement of the people to get to where they’re going. As someone who loves to travel, I adore everything about airports. Almost everything.

Airports have some negative things as well. They often have lousy food. They have plane delays. They have Madison Cawthorn. WHAT?

At least Asheville airport had him in February. The poor airport. I’ve been to that one, and it is adorable. Such kind workers! Such an idiot in the form of one moronic North Carolina Congressman.

Cawthorn’s idiocy reached new and exciting heights. The man got himself in a bit of a pickle at the security gate.

While trying to board the plane, Cawthorn was stopped. And he was stopped because the idiot tried to smuggle a gun on board the plane.

Say it with me now, people: IDIOT!

Making matters even more amusing, his spokesperson said this was done in “error.” Really? How does one do that? Let’s break this down.

I imagine the man had to pack. Did the gun just crawl over to his suitcase and hop in? Did he grab the wrong bag? Or was the gun feeling lonely and decided to tag along for the ride and not tell its beloved owner?

It was a Glock 9mm. This actually happened a while ago in February.

Airport security did eventually allow the Congressman to venture onto the plane. But they kept his gun. Good. Moral of this story? There are good reasons we need the TSA. They’re for idiots like Madison Cawthorn who cannot or will not follow simple directions.

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