Longtime Republican quits the party over Marjorie Taylor Greene

Knute Buehler decided to leave the Republican party because of Trump’s insistence he won the election. He didn’t like the insurrection. And he didn’t like the fact that the Oregon Republican party put out a statement of principle that they backed Trump. Marjorie Taylor Greene was his final straw, since the Republicans did not take action on her wild statements. He thinks that the Republican party is really the Trump party, that Marjorie Taylor Greene was stating the truth that the Republican party is the Trump party.

Knute Buehler has been a Republican for 40 years, but has made the difficult decision that the Republican party does not represent his values. He thinks that people to consider policy issues.

The Republican party needs to be a big tent and if they continue to push away people who are not trumpsters, they will shrink the party. He hopes that people vote for policy issues.

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