Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney has been having a difficult time of it lately. Many of her fellow Republican “leaders” in the house have turned against her, with some of them even calling for her to be demoted, censored, or given some type of punishment.

One would imagine that Cheney would have to had done something really horrible to incite all this anger towards her. But it turns out the reason her fellow house members are angry at her, is because Cheney committed the apparently unpardonable sin of supporting Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Cheney will be punished in Wyoming for this no doubt, as she will most likely face a primary challenger. But you’d expect she would receive support from her fellow House members. Alas, not from this group! A meeting has been called to discuss both her future, as well as what to do about Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Now it’s all coming to a head. House Republicans tried and failed to oust her tonight, with certain members accusing her of “giving aid to the enemy.” If you think this sounds less like a political party, and more like a savage dictatorship, believe me you’re not alone.

In contrast to Cheney, in the same meeting, House Representative and residential quack, Marjorie Taylor Greene was received warmly and even received a standing ovation by some House Republicans. Welcome to the Republican Party!

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