Lindsey Graham freaks out

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Biden’s press conference went remarkably well today despite the “gotcha” questions of the press and their attempts to turn the narrative into an attack on Biden. If ever one should be proud of President Biden, it is now. He’s been in office only a few months, and he’s already done more for this country than the Insurrectionist did in his four useless years in office.

There were many meltdowns during and after President Biden’s news conference. One is from Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham, once known for working across the aisle to achieve bipartisan solutions, has been reduced to nothing more than Trump’s little puppy dog. He mentions Trump in almost every tweet and interview that he does. Who can forget his infamous comment on Trump “having magic”? Now the South Carolina Senator says Biden’s press conference was “hard to watch.” He also says Biden lacks “situational awareness” with regard to the border.

This is so interesting. Does anybody remember criticism from Graham when Trump’s loathsome administration was busy ripping children from their parent’s arms? Did he say anything when babies were sleeping in “tender age” shelters?

At this rate, Graham really would help both himself and this country by resigning. Then he could move into Mar-a-Lago and work for Trump. It seems that is what he wants to do anyway, so I say now is as good a time as any! I am sure the American people would not miss him.


It would be nice if Republicans like Graham put aside their insanity and did something to help America. But the adage “watch what they do, not what they say” applies here strongly. The actions of Graham and his GOP clique have been…nothing. That tells us all we need to know.

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