Larry Elder waves the white flag

Thank you California. I think we need to celebrate this beautiful state. Not only did California give a gigantic NO to Larry Elder, but the state also seems to have scared the heck out of him. How do I know this? Because Elder actually made a comment that seems truthful. Imagine that!

Appearing on Fox 11, Elder told reporter Elex Michaelson that he needs to decompress and he isn’t sure about another run there: “The math is daunting,” said Elder said ruefully. Note to Elder: We know.

“Could any real Republican win California given the electoral map, I’m not sure.” We know that as well Larry. It would appear the cat’s claws have been tucked away, at least for now. Thank you again, wonderful California.


Alas, Caitlyn Jenner does appear to be having a tough time letting go, judging by her public rants on Twitter. Note to Jenner: please move on. And so should we. Let’s now take our activism to sweet Virginia, where there is a Governor’s race to get ready for. Please follow Terry McAuliffe on Twitter, and let’s get out the vote for him!

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